Soon after my conversion in 1991, God gave me a vision of my missionary calling a comprehensive project, which included the construction of several missionary buses.

But God was specific and said that the first one I would build with my own hands. At the time I could not buy an used bicycle, but I believed in God’s promise.

I started working in an automobile body and paint workshop, then I worked with metal structures to learn how to weld, because my goal was to learn these trades to then built the motorhome stage bus. Everything worked out fine because with our obedience the plans of God for our lives will never fail.

Years later I received a donation to buy a regular bus and I started the construction of the motorhome stage bus, God provided by sending offers and donations to buy materials, so we completed the construction of the first motorhome stage bus which took 2.5 years.

I take the opportunity to leave a message to all of you:
If God has promised you something be prepare to receive it, because God never fails.